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Welcome to Writer’s Desk — November 30, 2018

Welcome to Writer’s Desk

I’m glad you’re here. 

Writer’s Desk is here for everything you could ever want to know about the world of writing and editing, and using the most beautiful stationery.

From the realm of paper and the best cheap fountain pens (and I’ve got a few of those) to the most insightful writing and style guides you will get a jump start on things I’ve had to spend years gathering myself. 

We’ll go beyond Strunk and White and a half chewed Bic. 

And it’s not just longhand stuff here. I do actually use a computer for a lot of writing and editing. The best word processors, the most useful desktop publishing programs and where to publish your work will get their time in the lime light.

So, ink your pen, smooth down the page – we’ve got a lot to get through.