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The Americans, like any other foreign consumers of sushi integrate their personal cultural contexts in order to suit their tastes. Indeed, sushi transcends ‘cultural boundaries’ not only in the U.S., but also across the world. Sushi consumers surpass their nationalities in creating irrelevant classification with foreign sushi elements. The impending materialization of some Asian identity […]

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In conclusion, localization of sushi and the opening of reasonably priced sushi restaurants across the world popularize the Japanese food.  Regrettably, sushi’s global popularization as well as other cultural foodstuffs has been done at the cost of its authenticity. In U.S., most Japanese Americans runs sushi bars that serve localized sushi, like California roll. For […]

Diet, Nutrition, Wellness and Health

Coupled with amplified health awareness, sushi provides the healthiest foodstuff across the entire world. Consequently, people have sustained sushi’s requisite attention (Kazuko, Emi, and Fukuoka, p. 40). This has accordingly led to the impending proliferation of Japanese popular cultural food. Internationally, attention towards the sushi is growing immensely. This shows that the Japanese popular culture […]