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The presence of fake writing companies on the Internet is enough reason to warrant the need for customer reviews in the writing industry. As much as many students flock the Internet in search of writing services, very few of them can tell the difference between a reputable writing service and one that is not. This lack of information has frequently made them victims of online scams. They have paid for writing services and expected quality outputs only to receive plagiarized work that is written in a poor grammar by unskilled writers. This has disappointed many students who had turned to the Internet in the hope of finding help with writing tasks. The good thing is that this problem can be addressed easily if share information that allows them to educate each other.

This is precisely the thinking behind the establishment of On this platform, we look to capture the feedback provided by students about writing services here and popularize it so that other persons going online to find similar services can do so from an informed point of view. Developing Consumer Reports from reviews generated by consumers of a service or a product is not a new concept it has been with us for a long time. Way before the Internet became the order of the day; customer reviews were being compiled and disseminated through Consumer Reports Magazine. In this magazine, consumers would see how products/services rated along elements like pricing, dependability, product warranties and quality. E-commerce caused a shift in the way customer reviews were done by moving everything online and today customers use the large numbers of survey and social media sites to submit reviews. This is a good thing because from the reviews, customers are able to learn from each other and in turn make better product or service choices.

Rating and Ranking

We analyze all the feedback that is sent to us through this platform and other social media sites and results of the independent research that we conduct on writing companies. We then use our rating scale, which we developed based on qualities that students seek in writing companies, to determine the performance of each writing company. Each writing company is then ranked according to its performance such that the best writing companies feature at the top of the list. Through this site, we work on popularizing writing companies that meet the qualities that students are seeking for so that students can find them more easily. The reports that we are generate from customer reviews are often published here so that students can find them easily and use their contents to identify the kind of writing services they need.

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Websites and Videos

Further, the best writing services produced video clips showing their entire procedure from ordering to completing tasks and delivery of final products. We have provided some of these videos below as a way of availing information to our audience. We have also included links to their websites so that our visitors can access them easily and fast.